The VERDOOR brand was created from the passion of doing perfect things. Everything we do, governed by speed, quality and aesthetics. We are an exclusive brand in the segment of garage doors, which is not associated with the mass production and sale conducted by dozens of random points of sale. We decided to provide the highest level of service, therefore, the VERDOOR sectional garage doors are made exactly according to individual customer requirements and we chose VERDOOR brand dealers from among reliable and professional companies that represent a high level of organizational culture.

After nearly thirty years of experience in the garage doors we have a unique production technology that will make our garage doors, even after 20 years, still work flawlessly in thousands of premises. Each VERDOOR garage door in the last phase of production is finished manually until perfection. We love what we do, which is why each product signed with VERDOOR name is the work of good craftsmanship.

We want to create beautiful and reliable garage doors. We stand in opposition to the world, which is governed by the typical products of mass production. We focus on individualism. We give our customers the right to decide how their garage door is to be like. Within 72 hours after the order, our customers get the product perfect in every detail.