We are aesthetes. The consequence of this personality trait is our continuous pursuit of excellence. No matter what we do in life, we always do it with great passion, commitment and concern for aesthetics. Beautiful things are the result of excellent work. No one is good incidentally, therefore, taking care about details has become our obsession at creating the concept of VERDOOR garage doors.

The ITB test reports, where VERDOOR garage doors received one of the best technical results for strength and air permeability (Class 6 – the highest), it is still not enough for us. We built in our factory simulation posts that test the strength of the gates concerning opening and closing cycles. We continuously every day inspect how the components of VERDOOR garage doors behave during operation corresponding to the extreme several-year use.

We do not choose a shortcut, we determine our idea of quality. VERDOOR Ideas.

We create exclusive gates. We do not accept compromises in quality of materials. We offer our customers sectional garage doors that will serve for many years. We believe that in their aesthetics and benefits you will find a little portion of extraordinary passion and heart that we put in the creation of the VERDOOR brand.

By learning about VERDOOR products, you get to know us, first of all.

Jo­an­na Ani­now­ska
Paweł Ani­now­ski