We are simply looking for the best partners. You do not have to be an expert in garage door technology. If you have ambitions to distribute exclusive garage doors, if you would like to stand out in the market and sell garage doors which are different than all the other doors, if you are an aesthete and perfectionist, we invite you to become one of our partners.

Become a VERDOOR distributor

We are a totally different brand. We are a loyal and reliable partner for many years to come. No matter how big your company is, for us every customer is Great. It is important how Great your plans are. We want to implement them with you. We value integrity and consistency in daily work. If you are brave and ready to fight, and if you are not afraid of competitive mass manufacturers of garage doors, join the elite group of VERDOOR partners. We will secure your business and you will always be the exclusive partner of the VERDOOR brand in your region. You will be proud, as we are, with the quality of the garage doors that you provide to your customers. You will surprise them with the selection of designs, time and method of processing orders. You will feel that we are your garage door factory.

Contact us

Write or call us. Tell us, what your company does and in which region it operates. We will present you a number of benefits package from the sale of high quality VERDOOR garage doors and will support the development of your business.


Joanna Aninowska

tel./fax.: +48 22 789 40 13