All employees of VERDOOR service staff have been performing door installation technique for nearly 20 years. Trust our practice, take advantage of the experience and together with us expand your business.

The seller of the VERDOOR garage doors does not have to be an expert or hire installation staff. For authorized VERDOOR distributors we provide expert installation carried out by the technical staff of our company. Pursuant to the distribution agreement with us, you can use the option of delivery and assembly at the customer’s *. With this solution, on your behalf, our experienced service staff will deliver and install a garage doors at the customer site. Implement a quick sale, no handling, storage, with no risk of damage and installation problems. You just send us the order, and we will take care of the rest.

Do you want to teach your employees new skills? We prepare training on the installation of sectional garage doors for companies having their own assembly staff. We know that you do not have time for external training conferences and simulated installations. That is why our service technicians train your employees during the first assemblies. In real conditions of construction, your team, supported by our experienced professionals, will quickly and effectively gain the necessary knowledge of the installation of VERDOOR garage doors.

We always help our customers. At each stage of construction, you can use the assistance of qualified service technicians. For us, there are no installation problems, which cannot be solved.

* The service of Factory Assembly is only available for distributors from across the region of Mazovia.