Polish engineer Tadeusz Aninowski establishes GADIP. Based on past experience gained in managerial positions in large farm machine repair plants, the owner quickly transforms the small company into a professional locksmith’s workshop providing services to customers from the construction industry.


Tadeusz Aninowski makes the first sectional garage door in Poland based on self-manufactured original parts. This achievement is covered by the trade monthly Murator (No. 12/1988) which describes the innovative Polish product from GADIP showcased at the INBUD Fairs in Warsaw


After many years of developing small-time production, GADIP becomes a trade partner of RAYNOR GARAGE DOORS and starts distributing American sectional garage doors in Poland.


The company is nominated to an award in the Reliable Partner programme.

The Management Board of RAYNOR GARAGE DOORS announces GADIP the winner of the Sales Performance Achievement Award for best sales results in the European distribution network.


Start of production of sectional garage doors licensed by RAYNOR GARAGE DOOR. The company gets access to the latest know-how. Staff training by the American partner sets new standards of production quality.


Construction of a new sectional door production plant in Sobienie-Jeziory near Warsaw increases the production capacity of the company, which results in securing a major production contract for a Dutch partner. The contract was implemented continuously for over 7 years.


The company receives the title of Business Gazelle and joins the ranks of the fastest growing companies in Poland according to the Puls Biznesu daily.


Award of a contract for the supply of balcony railings, gates and fences for housing estates in Warsaw in Banderia and Elekcyjna Streets; the total value of the contract is EUR 375 thousand.


The company founder, Tadeusz Aninowski, retires and hands the company over to his eldest son Paweł. Joanna Aninowska takes over the company management.


The new management determines a development strategy aimed to create an exclusive brand of garage doors. After upgrading the production shop and completing the technical tests and CE certification, a new product is created – the VERDOOR sectional door.

The VERDOOR brand is registered as a protected trade mark in the Patent Office.

An innovative advertising campaign addressed to a new group of business customers instantly boosts brand recognition.


The first wholesale orders of VERDOOR doors for customers from France, Belgium, and Germany confirm the top quality of our products.

After many months of intense work on the company transformation, the time comes to de-stress and to test our skills in an elite sport. Our employees making up the VERDOOR SAILING TEAM pull the company banner on the Bavaria 49 yacht and take part in a sports cruise across the Adriatic.


All VERDOOR garage doors are covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Based on panels manufactured for us in Switzerland, we pilot new collections: VERDOOR ArtDeco and VERDOOR RedCross.


New industrial doors are launched: VERDOOR VERSIDE and VERDOOR DIVISION with an advanced automatic control system from the German company SOMMER.


VERDOOR doors are in fashion! The network of VERDOOR Authorized Distributors grows to increases domestic sales significantly.

After over a year, the efforts of the entire team culminate in the publication of VERDOOR doors catalogues. The entire graphic and photographic material used in the catalogues was based on our products and investments by VERDOOR distributors: technical details, images of buildings with VERDOOR doors, and more – this is the outcome of many months of our team’s work.


A new www website www.verdoor.pl is launched. This marks an important milestone in the history of our company and sets a new standard for the entire industry. Our customers are now able to view the entire and current offer and get an online quote. We are proud of this modern channel of communication with our customers which contains exclusively our own material and photos taken by us and our dealers. All we demonstrate is the fruit of many years of work of the entire team. The website will be available in several European languages and will offer VERDOOR doors catalogues in selected foreign languages for downloading.