We manufacture sectional doors that trigger emotions. We oppose the world of mass production and contrary to universal trends we create unique garage doors. Life means continuous emotions that inspire best-in-class architects. Discover the benefits of VERDOOR doors and uncover the secret of fierce determination in creating beautiful and reliable objects. Our life is made up of extreme emotions where unexpected connections become art. The art of combining: this is the VERDOOR alchemy.

Discover the strengths of VERDOOR doors. Reliability of the structure and durability that we are proud of. We want every VERDOOR door to keep working as long as the house stands. It is hard to believe how many moving parts of the door must withstand the test of time. We love challenges. We manufacture items to ensure that they keep working unfailingly into the distant future. We can bring extremes together like no other. The impossible is only the beginning of an exciting journey.

Perfection on detail


In door mechanics, the quality and precision with which each element has been executed has a real impact on the how long it will operate failure-free. The inexorable laws of physics acting on the gate in the opening cycles are the best test of our solutions. We manufacture doors ready for years of work. We are sure that you will be able to rely on them even half a century from now.


VERDOOR doors are originally integrated with an automation system by the German company SOMMER. Such modern systems allow the unit functions to be extended to include a light curtain, precise parking laser or communication with the home alarm.


Just like in aviation, all the key elements of our structure are duplicated. Two torsion springs with double break protection, additional rows of hinges, reinforcement of panels with aluminium profiles, an additional locking bolt and many other duplicated elements come with every door as a standard.


The doors are labelled with a code that contains information allowing the identification of all spare parts and provides the necessary technical data to maintenance teams. We always guarantee the availability of spare parts delivered to customers throughout Europe.



Robust and precisely shaped guides ensure reliable door guidance and secure fastening of all components to the garage walls. We use thick sheet guides tailored to the size of the garage.


Each VERDOOR door with the surface area of more than 9 m2 is equipped with two certified cable break protections which, together with the protection against spring break, form the VERDOOR double protection system.


Years and years of continuous opening requires the VERDOOR door opener to distribute the pull force evenly over the aluminium support profile and to the entire width of the upper section.


The upper aluminium profile protects the gate panel against deformation and distributes the pull force of the opener. The trolley holder from any motor unit is always firmly fixed to the profile. A proven solution for many years of continuous lifting.


The special aluminium profile braces the structure and secures the lower section of the garage door against the harmful effects of road salt and accidental damage to the edge caused by careless manual closing.


The segments in the VERDOOR doors are joined by rows of durable and precise central hinges. Even doors that are 2 m wide are fitted with a row of central hinges. As the width increases, further hinges are added.

Double benefit


Bearing rollers made of durable polyamide PA 6G guarantee quiet operation of the door. Thanks to the roller integration with high-quality side hinges, VERDOOR doors offer a precise gasket adhesion adjustment.


A set of holders is secured on the contact surface with the roller axis using a special insert that prevents knocks and friction noises. This unique solution guarantees that VERDOOR doors always open silently.


Each VERDOOR door is equipped with a massive side bolt as an additional safe closing of the gate during long absences. The robust latch mechanism locks the bolt in the side guide firmly.


Two high-quality torsion springs and two spring break protections. A double set has been used to balance the weight of the door accurately and increase the range of precise adjustment.


All edges of the VERDOOR door are protected by a special gasket system adapted to moderate weather conditions. Both during a cold winter and a hot summer, VERDOOR doors are as tight as no other door on the market.


Two steel profiles mounted on the extreme segments reinforce the door frame if it is over 4.5 m in width. This solution prevents the panel sagging effect. After many years of use, the structure remains stable.

See garage door collections

A beautiful and realistic design inspired by the colour of natural oak, walnut, and mahogany wood. The VERDOOR ArtDeco collection is made of metal sheet coated with polyester veneer that makes the door look and feel like real wood. It is classic elegance with a modern touch.

The VERDOOR RedCross Collection made of painted metal sheet is our concept of contemporary patterns inspired by modernism. Smooth and understated, the panel surfaces fit perfectly into the modern architecture of the building.

A luxurious Steel & Gold collection labelled with a 24-carat gold VERDOOR logo. An automatic garage door with an optical curtain for most demanding customers. Choose this limited line door and create your own smart garage.