We are aesthetes. The consequence of this personality trait is our continuous pursuit of excellence. No matter what we do in life, we always do it with great passion, commitment and concern for aesthetics. It goes without saying that beautiful things are the result of hard work. We never take shortcuts. In our design work, we do not accept compromise in material quality. We offer our customers sectional garage doors that will serve for years. This is the result of our application and attention to detail. We believe that when selecting our doors you will find that slice of our extraordinary passion and heart that we put in the creation of the VERDOOR brand. We consciously design things that we want to be proud of. But an excellent product is not enough. For us, reliability in customer relations is even more important. Timely order completion, efficiency of service from the first contact up to delivery: these are the challenges that we always want to meet better than anyone else. We are fascinated and totally absorbed by continuous improving of everything we do every day. Tomorrow we must do even better. This is our simple business concept.

Joanna Aninowska i Paweł Aninowski