Out of thousands of doors we have manufactured, each is a separate story. But over the years they all had one thing in common: our insatiable desire to improve the product. Although we design gates according to our customers’ individual needs, we build them for ourselves. We always predict whether they will open and close easily for decades. We work for professionals. This is why we guarantee the durability of materials for hundreds of thousands of opening and closing cycles. We know what determines the reliability of our gates; therefore, we use the best components and employ door building masters. Our responsibility for the product does not end with the expiration of warranty. We will always see them as our gates, which is why we care about the safety and comfort of our customers. From perfection in executing the smallest details to ensuring everyday comfort of use of our doors. The legendary durability of VERDOOR doors is our obsession that has guided us for many years of our work. We support our customers beyond the longest warranty periods. We know that trust gained over 30 years of production is our strength. We know no limits in pursuing perfection. Obsessions rule all our actions. This may sound crazy for some, but doors are our real passion. This is our whole life.

Obsession with comfort


The exceptionally low threshold, just 22mm in height, promises a safe and convenient passage through the service door. The technical solution used by VERDOOR does not weaken the structure and allows long-term and reliable operation of the system.


The universal VERDOOR door control unit is compatible with the opening devices of every leading automation provider. The advanced control unit identifies and assigns all protections as well as providing automatic adjustment of the inertial movement of the door. Commands and error reports are shown on the LCD display. The control unit also communicates in Polish. The system is password-protected at the user and maintenance level. The device is supplied by SOMMER from Germany.


All VERDOOR industrial doors are always equipped with a massive side bolt. It can be applied manually to provide additional protection of the door. If the customer selects an automatic door with the control unit, the side bolt is fitted with a closing sensor. The sensor informs the user when the door is bolted, which prevents the opener from being activated before the bolt is completely released. The sensor also safeguards the gate against damage caused by the high force of the opening mechanism.


Precision-made service doors in the VERDOOR industrial door ensure fast and convenient entrance. Normally, the doors are equipped with a low and aesthetic closer. The system of gaskets together with the brush threshold strip make the service door tight and silent. From outside, the edge of the door frame is protected by a standard door drip that prevents rainwater from getting in. The VERDOOR door is a robust and proven design.


A door opening sensor hidden in the door frame protects the VERDOOR industrial door against accidental damage caused when the lifting mechanism is activated while the service door is open. This extremely useful feature available in the automatic VERDOOR door was designed to accommodate invisible sensors. We have managed to combine unique aesthetics with functionality, so that no element of the system is ever exposed to accidental damage during door operation. We like convenient solutions.

Obsession with safety


Our VERDOOR industrial doors are equipped with cable break protection solutions that make it impossible for the door to fall when one of the cables is severed. The door is immediately stopped and locked in its position. Thus, we eliminate the risk of injury to people and damage to vehicles. We guarantee full protection


Cable tension control system shuts down the opener mechanism and blocks the gate if one of the cables is loosened or broken. The sensor prevents the falling of sagging cables and resultant failure of other components. Safety is our obsession.


The automatic VERDOOR doors have an optical strip to detect obstacles to the closing door. This device protects against collision with obstacles placed in the entrance zone. Solutions with a service door and low threshold are protected by photocell systems embedded in the threshold strip.


The automatic VERDOOR industrial door can be equipped with a set of photocells that monitor the immediate area before the entrance. Together with other safety systems, this solution provides additional protection against injury to people or collision with vehicles in the unloading area.


Carefully made service doors in the VERDOOR industrial door ensure fast and convenient entrance. Normally, the doors are equipped with a low and aesthetic closer. The system of gaskets together with the brush threshold strip make the service door tight and silent. From outside, the edge of the door frame is protected by a standard door drip that prevents rainwater from getting in. The VERDOOR door is a robust and tested design.


The VERDOOR industrial door is a large and heavy mechanical device, which is why user safety is always a priority. Each door has torsion spring break protection. It stops the door immediately in the event of failure due to spring break. This reliable and effective solution guarantees that every VERDOOR door is safe for people and vehicles.


Our automatic door is equipped with an electronic sensor which stops the motor when the spring breaks and prevents the door from starting without a maintenance intervention having been performed. The opener lock secures the lifting system against damage resulting from the movement of the door with a faulty spring. An electronic sensor attached to the mechanical spring break protection protects the entire system effectively.

Obsession with durability


VERDOOR doors are designed to be operated using technically advanced automatic openers. Opener motors are selected according to the user’s requirements and the envisaged intensity of loading/unloading in the warehouse acceptance and release area. Depending on the size of the door, we use 230 V and 400 V motors.


The VERDOOR industrial door can only be opened manually using a hoist which allows easy lifting. The door can be upgraded at any time with an automatic opening and closing control unit. Each time, we can easily adapt our door set to new building utility functions.


Every stable structure is always based on a framework. With our original door framework design, we have obtained extraordinary durability of the product. Rows of strong and precise central hinges applied across the door create a kind of reinforcement for the door skin. The moving segments are firmly supported by the framework. Despite long years of operation and continuous lifting of the door, the panel sections will closely adhere to each other.


According to our safety principle, one technical solution must secure another. We want to be sure that our VERDOOR door keeps working after many years. Each door which is more than 4.5 m in width is additionally reinforced with steel profiles. A precisely fitted frame ensures the rigidity of the entire structure, which translates into tightness and prevents the door skin from yielding under the force of wind.


The edges of VERDOOR door are protected by a system of durable gaskets made of thermoplastic elastomers. They are adapted to work in significant temperature differences typical of our moderate climate. Both during a cold winter and a hot summer the doors perfectly adhere to the floor and walls of the building. Tightness and the resulting low air permeability come from the property of our gaskets to yield to reversible deformation under the impact of mechanical forces.


The long-term durability of VERDOOR doors is the result of our consistent approach to door construction based on our framework structure concept. Each element is double secured, therefore we always reinforce the lower and upper edge of the door. We use massive aluminium sections. Thanks to the rigid panel structure, we obtain conditions for perfect adhesion of the gaskets around the entire perimeter of the door. The elements work silently, and the panelling remains tight.


VERDOOR doors go with a double set of top quality torsion springs. The bead blasting process in spring manufacture removes unfavourable stress from the material and causes the surface hardening of the material. As a result, the spring is twice as durable. All our industrial doors are equipped with springs with a guaranteed life of 50,000 cycles. For special purposes, we supply springs with a life of over 100,000 cycles.

Obsession with aesthetics


At VERDOOR, we value the aesthetics of industrial doors. We offer various outer panels to perfectly match the gate to the modern architecture of the building. We make sure that our surface finishes are always practical, i.e. mask the traces of regular operation, such as dirt or scratches.


Each type of VERDOOR door can have a smooth and minimalistic microwave finish that offers a delicate texture on the surface and nicely diffuses light. The full RAL colour palette is available for both the microwave finish and for the classic panels with horizontal Stucco embossing.


VERDOOR Verside industrial doors are made of solid panels. Available in various configurations with service doors and a set of windows lined across the panel. Modern sectional doors for warehouses and industrial shops.

VERDOOR Division industrial doors are made entirely of glazed aluminium sections or combined in various configurations of glazed and full door panels. Popular in car dealerships, car services and car washes.