Single-storey house

18 September 2023

The single-storey house caught our attention as we walked around and discussed the differences between modern and minimalist styles. In both cases, the wide VERDOOR garage door fits perfectly[...]

Garage for a SUV

15 July 2023

Tall SUVs, on the roofs of which racks are often installed, require correspondingly taller garage doors. Our client in Krakow commissioned the construction of a comfortable garage for his[...]

Lucky garage door

28 March 2023

Magda from Podkowa Leśna chose a house built in the Canadian technology. In theory, the construction of the wooden structure was supposed to be quick and trouble-free. Unfortunately, a[...]

In VERDOOR style

4 November 2021

We know that we should not, but sometimes we just have to show off ?. We took a camera and went on a longer trip around the vicinity of Warsaw. It only takes a few streets in the suburbs of[...]

VERDOOR in Mercedes showroom

12 October 2021

Did you know that one of the largest Mercedes showrooms in Europe has been equipped with seven VERDOOR industrial gates? It is in the new hall of the Mercedes-Benz Grupa Wróbel showroom in[...]

In Świdermajer style

24 September 2021

Do you know what Świdermajer is? It is a local architectural style, which was famous at the beginning of the 20th century in the vicinity of Warsaw. The humorous name of the style was coined[...]

VERDOOR for employees

15 July 2021

Oh, it was tough for us to leave the production office for several months. We finally decided to do it. On a cold March morning, we took out our desks and computers to social containers and[...]

A gate accident

25 June 2021

What a misfortune! A moment of inattentiveness and this is what you get. If you have not seen the consequences of a collision between a vehicle and a sectional gate, we would like to present[...]

We build with VERDOOR

27 April 2021

A VERDOOR garage door has been featured on the cover of the March issue of BUDUJEMY DOM. From among the materials sent to the editorial office by many renowned manufacturers, it was the[...]