VERDOOR at the border

10 February 2021

At the border crossing with Belarus, a large-size x-ray scanner dedicated to controlling trucks, passenger cars and coaches was installed. The task of this advanced device is to accelerate[...]

New Peugeot salesroom

25 January 2021

Acting against common-sense arguments, in December we accepted an order for manufacturing a few VERDOOR gates for Peugeot salesroom. Installation deadline?… Mid-January! But you’ll do[...]

VERDOOR in advertisements

8 January 2021

As everyone knows, no advertisement can perfect the landscape. If we are to mark our corporate presence in the streets, we want to do this as aesthetically as possible. Please see what[...]

Another Color Catalog

4 December 2020

Our innovative ideas are used not only for the purpose of manufacturing reliable garage doors. Nowadays, a mobile office is often a necessity for companies employing modern management.[...]

VERDOOR Infects!

22 October 2020

During the times of the pandemic the word “infect” sounds ominous, but contrary to what you may think, we infect only with the VERDOOR idea. We infect investors building single-family[...]

The big six

17 April 2020

Six powerful six-meter VERDOOR garage doors were installed in one of the apartment buildings in Warsaw. They are really so big that they did not fit into the frame of the camera. The big six,[...]


5 November 2019

Having our business partners in mind, we have designed the pattern book of standard colours for garage gates. A light and handy form of a book-like catalogue is perfect during construction[...]


11 October 2019

Are you familiar film the hit-film titled “The Fast and the Furious”? We are “The Fast and the Precise”! 😊 No matter how many new orders or how many new halls we have got. Our[...]


30 September 2019

As people say – “the customer is the king”, so there is no use to be bothered with assembly guidelines prepared by the manufacturer since the pace of the execution of the investment[...]