In VERDOOR style

4 November 2021

We know that we should not, but sometimes we just have to show off 😊. We took a camera and went on a longer trip around the vicinity of Warsaw. It only takes a few streets in the suburbs of the capital city to take a lot of interesting pictures of houses with a beautifully displayed VERDOOR gate. In fact, we were surprised by how often we saw VERDOOR gates. There are quite a lot of them out there! However, we decided to photograph only those villas which had already been completely finished. We want our work with the camera to give such a nice effect as the one presented in the gallery. Many photos of the last works can be found in “Products” menu, at the bottom of the subpage for a selected collection of garage doors, ArtDeco or RedCross. We would like to invite you to see the effects of our walks with the camera.