VERDOOR for employees

15 July 2021

Oh, it was tough for us to leave the production office for several months. We finally decided to do it. On a cold March morning, we took out our desks and computers to social containers and off we go! Twenty-five years without any renovation, so it was high time for revolutionary changes. There will be no compromises. We will be working in beautiful rooms. We are getting rid of anything we can – windows, floors, electric, hydraulic and water systems as well as heating. We left nothing behind. We will rearrange everything. There will be air conditioning, modern toilettes, electric systems, heating, new doors, windows, floors, kitchens, plasters, that is everything! We would like to thank our favorite architect, Ms. Ewa Abramczyk, for her creative ideas, designs, and numerous consultations. Take a look at the results. Come and visit us to drink some great coffee!