VERDOOR in advertisements

8 January 2021

As everyone knows, no advertisement can perfect the landscape. If we are to mark our corporate presence in the streets, we want to do this as aesthetically as possible. Please see what VERDOOR looks like in the public space today. By the way, we will never understand manufacturers hanging their small blue and yellow banners with “I’VE GOT MY GATES OVER THERE ” advertising label. We are in opposition to large manufacturers building their brands with the use of plastic banners hanging on fences in the streets. Some claim VERDOOR is less famed because of that. Well, we want to be famed for respecting everyone including those who are not interested in the world of gates. Nobody has said that VERDOOR must be for everyone. Isn’t it better sometimes if something is exclusive and – because of this fact – it is simply nice? We’re right, aren’t we? Please decide on your own!